Winter Performance a yearly attraction for Eugene Figure Skating Club

Winter Performance a yearly attraction for Eugene Figure Skating Club

EUGENE, Ore. - Skaters are preparing for a performance this weekend in Eugene.

Performers and coaches Lauren Wheelock and Lauren Kreuter have been preparing members of the Eugene Figure Skating Club for their annual winter performance.

These coaches picked the music, made the costumes and choreographed each skate for advanced skater all the way to those who just learned.

"Especially the little ones, you would think it would take them more time but they actually pick stuff up really quickly," said Kreuter.

President Melinda Miko says the winter performance has become an anticipated event with nearly 500 audience members attending last year.

"This is the 8th year that the Eugene Figure Skating Club has been putting it on, but i believe the rink has been doing it for about 27 years," said Miko.

She says a great thing about this club is it's all inclusive.

"The Eugene Figure Skating Club is open to anybody who wants to join,” said Miko. “We have as young as about three and a half all the way up to adult."

The coaches say the months of preparation and lack of sleep are all worth it on performance night.

"Those kids, they light up when they hear the audience cheering for them,” said Kreuter. “They make it worth it, absolutely. Plus I'm excited to skate."

If the cold temperature doesn't get you in the winter spirit, this performance will.

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