Winter driving in Oregon: How to stay safe on the roads

'Winter Slush' and how to drive safe in the conditions

OREGON — Car technicians at Les Schwab in Eugene are moving fast to get these drivers ready for the winter roads.

"A lot of times, folks wait until the white stuff is already here and at that point in time, you know, it could be too late," said Jason Gale, the manager at Les Schwab.

Unfortunately for one driver in Linn County on Tuesday morning, it already was too late.

That's when the Sheriff's office says 18-year-old Carson Ceboll died after icy roads led to a loss of control. His minivan colliding with a tree by the road.

Oregon Department of Transportation's Angela Beers-Seydel tells us it's a grim reminder of how serious winter weather can be.

"Winter driving is that time of year you really need to be aware of what's going on before you ever go out the door," said Beers-Seydel.

Even she admits though that knowing what to expect can be tough.

"We get rocks on the road — we get vehicles that may have had issues," said Beers-Seydel. "Things might not be exactly like you think they we're going to be when you left."

If you have to travel, ODOT recommends sticking to state roads that they more closely maintain with deicer and gravel. Also, carry an emergency kit, give plenty of room to the car ahead of you and maintain your vehicle's tire pressure and tread.

By maintaining your vehicle, respecting winter conditions and staying vigilant, you can make sure you reach your final destination.

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