Why Uber and Lyft don't operate in Eugene

    Photo: Lyft

    EUGENE, Ore. - Uber and Lyft are major ride-sharing companies in big cities, very popular in Portland and Seattle.

    But recently, the ride-sharing companies are coming to smaller cities like Corvallis, Medford and Salem. There is still no word yet on if they'll be operating here in Eugene and Springfield anytime soon, however.

    As it turns out, the companies are allowed to operate in the city of Eugene, but they have decided against it due to the city's regulations.

    Uber offers rides to customers in 450 cities around the world, and is very popular in college towns around the country.

    For a short period of time, Uber did operate in Eugene before pulling out in April of 2015.

    "I would love to have it back," said Tyler Spence, a Eugene resident. "I know people that would love to have jobs and have cars they could earn some extra money for college or whatever."

    Laura Hammond, the communication analyst for the City of Eugene, says that ride sharing services can operate here in the city, as long as they follow certain regulations.

    "We asked Uber to do 3 basic things - Driver background check through our police department, insurance levels that met our needs and vehicle safety inspections," said Hammond.

    Hammond says those are the same regulations that taxi services here in Eugene have to follow.

    "At some point if we need to update those rules again, we can certainly do that if we get that direction from our community and our council," said Hammond.

    In the meantime, supporters of ride sharing services are optimistic that Uber and Lyft will be eventually be on the streets of Eugene.

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