Who killed Sharon Marie Hiller? 'Somebody has to speak for the dead'

EUGENE, Ore. - There's a stillness at the Pine Grove Cemetery in Halsey.

Beneath a tree limb rests the non-descript gravesite of Sharon Marie Hiller.

After almost 20 years, her murder remains unsolved.

In November 1992, Hiller left the Alaska Bush Company on Highway 99 in Eugene where she worked as an exotic dancer.

It was the last time she was seen alive.

Three days later, her strangled body was found fully clothed lodged beneath a log along the banks of the Willamette River.

"The body had a rather large limb there where some leaves around it so the effort to conceal the body is suspicious to us," an investigator said at the time.

Police combed the scene and interviewed dozens of people. But investigators say Sharon knew a lot of people from the club and may have used drugs. As a result, she had friends who wouldn't have wanted to go to police.

"I'm sure back then there was a little bit of fear because of the circle that she kind of ran in," said Rick Gilliam from the Eugene Cold Case Squad.

Clues are sparse. Investigators don't know if Sharon left with anyone the night she was killed, or why someone would murder her.

A decade later, her sister pleaded for information.

"If someone could come forward and identify or help us have good leads to bring this to a closure, that would mean the world to me," said HIller's sister in 2003 in an interview with KVAL News.

And while her gravesite goes largely unnoticed, investigators said they haven't forgotten Sharon. They hope someone will break the silence.

"Somebody has to speak for the dead," said Bob Walker with the Eugene Cold Case Squad. "It's a terrible way to lose somebody in your family to a murder, and for somebody to not do anything about it worse."

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