Where to find paczki in Eugene on Fat Tuesday

Paczki on Fat Tuesday. Photo by Ellen Meny.

EUGENE, Ore.- For many in the Midwest, and people of Polish descent, Fat Tuesday means lots and lots of paczki!

Dizzy Dean's Donuts on W 11th Avenue is bringing the spirit of Fat Tuesday, and making paczki for two days only- February 13th, Fat Tuesday, and Wednesday, Feburary 14th.

Paczki are traditional Polish pastries. They're round, rich pastries filled with fruit or cream filling- much denser than fluffy donuts. They're especially popular in Chicago and throughout the Midwest.

Dean Weaver, owner of Dizzy Dean's Donuts, says it was one of his loyal customers, Carl Buffo, who convinced him to make paczki for the season.

"So, I promised him, this year I'd be able to make them, because it takes awhile to find the recipe, play with it, figure it all out," Weaver says.

Buffo is from Chicago, and asked Weaver to make them this year.

"I came out here last year, and I was blown away- nobody knew what a paczki was!" Buffo says. "It's just a little touch of home, that's all."

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