'When you're experiencing a crisis such as homelessness, it can be really isolating,'


LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Lane County's Human Services is asking for your help, looking for volunteers to survey those without a home in our county.

The count is important because homelessness is an issue the county has seen for years.

As a matter of fact, Lane County has the second highest count of unsheltered homeless people compared to other counties of similar size in the U.S.

Lane County Human Services relies on the average citizen to tell them who needs help the most on our streets. The volunteers make their count in a particular "point in time," which they call "PIT" data.

Last year's PIT count showed nearly 1500 homeless people living in Lane County. This year, officials say early indications show that the number is steady, but they still need the count to be sure.

"When you're experiencing a crisis such as homelessness, it can be really isolating," said Alex Dreher, the Human Services Supervisor. "It's great to have the community go out and survey individuals experiencing homelessness."

Dreher says the point in time count is much more than just a questionnaire, she says it gives people a chance to come together.

"The community comes out and helps individuals experiencing homelessness," said Dreher. "Learn about what homelessness looks like so that we can bring resources into our community."

The annual point in time count is on Wednesday, January 31 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Officials say they need at least 200 volunteers for a successful survey, and if you like to volunteer for the count, you can visit Lane County's Website.

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