What's next for Civic Stadium?

EUGENE, Ore. - The investigation of the Civic Stadium Fire is in its early stages, but the Eugene Civic Alliance is already re-evaluating its plans for the community and youth sports center. Group representatives said Tuesday the vision is far from dead.

Civic Stadium couldn't be saved, but the nonprofit group behind the property's multi-million dollar renovation is not giving up.

"Every one of them has said, 'We're meeting tomorrow.' We're going to get started looking at what the next plan is. How we can re-imagine this place. So I am very hopeful," said Derek Johnson, the Civic Alliance chair.

As devastating as the fire was, Johnson said there's no holding back on the need for an indoor field house for Kidsports, for the multi-purpose soccer field, and in some form, a rebuilt stadium.

"We're quite certain it will be. I think the community support is still behind us, even though the historic structure is gone, because the utilization of the site is the most important thing for the community," said Dennis Herbert from Friends of Civic Stadium.

Alliance supporters said the financial backing for a project is still strong and they predict Civic will rise again.

"We want to honor the legacy of this stadium. It was important for a lot of people," said Bev Smith, Kidsports director.

Johnson said the group was working with a three to five year time frame to build the complex before the fire destroyed the structure. He hopes "Plan B" can happen in the same amount of time.

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