'We're going to be on our own for some period of time'

    Cascadia Subduction Zone (USGS)

    LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Just over 300 years ago, the Cascadia Subduction Zone experienced a whopping 9.0 earthquake.

    The Cascadia Preparedness Team says Oregon may be due for another earthquake that size.

    The earthquake over 300 years ago lowered the Oregon coastline by several feet, and caused a massive tsunami. If that kind of earthquake should ever shake Oregon down again, Cascadia wants everyone to know what to do, such as preparing non perishable food and water, medicine and more.

    Cascadia says to also guard yourself from falling objects in your home, and make sure your home is ready.

    “In my home, which was built in the 1950s, we had earthquake anchors put in so that during the shaking, the house doesn't slide off the foundation,” said Yumei Wang, with Oregon Geology and Mineral Industries.

    Wang was on the panel for Saturday’s preparedness event. She and many others spoke to the public about earthquake preparedness at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Eugene. She says preparedness is growing more and more.

    “So the state is promoting a 2 week readiness campaign for people to ready themselves to be self-sufficient for the 2 weeks,” said Wang.

    “People don't really understand that there will be thousands of bridge failures and there won't be any liquid fuel or electricity or any communication going,” said Steve Robinson, the President of Cascadia Prepared. “So we're going to be on our own for some period of time.”

    Robinson says running water may also be out, and it may take several days for responders from around the country to start making their way to help with rescues and evacuations.

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