'We're committed to working with our employees': Lane County prepares for possible strike


EUGENE, Ore. - Lane County is preparing for a possible strike as more than 600 employees with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal employees are trying to negotiate a labor contract agreement.

Lane County received a notice about the potential strike last week, and County officials say they are in the process of negotiating competitive wages and benefits for their employees.

They say they also want to make sure they remain good stewards of limited tax payer resources as well.

"We have wonderful staff across the board, and they do amazing things on behalf of our residents," said Devon Ashbridge, Public Information Office for Lane County. "We're committed to working with our employees to find a balance that works for everyone and serves everyone well."

Ashbridge says the process to reach an agreement could take time, and they want those who utilize county services to be prepared.

She says some services will need to be adjusted if a strike occurs.

Some of the services that may see changes include:

Assessment and Taxation

Deeds and Records

Health and Human Services

Land Management Customer Service

Manufactured Structures

Parole and Probation

Waste Management

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