Walking dead invade Eugene for 'Zombie's Day Out'


EUGENE, Ore. - If you happened to see a group of zombie wandering around Eugene on Friday the 13th, you aren't losing your mind.

A number of zombies littered the town for "Zombie's Day Out" partaking in their ghoulish pleasures, like a slice of Brain Cake from Sweet Life.

The main reason for their invasion, though, was a partnership with Sheltercare.

The dance group raised money on Friday, stopping at businesses and entertaining unsuspecting folks on the street.

"All month long is 'I Sheltercare about Homelessness' month," said Kelly Johnson, the Development Director for Sheltercare. "It's just just a call to action for the community to get involved and help support our neighbors in need. So we've been collecting donations all month long and will continue to do so through the end of the month and also have fun events."

All of the money collected through donations goes to programs that help homeless in our community.

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