UO tweets support to high school students involved in gun issue walkouts

(Screenshot of UO tweet)

EUGENE, Ore. -- University of Oregon is reassuring high school students that, if they participate in a walkout for gun control, their admission to the UO won't be negatively affected.

The University of Oregon joins dozens of other schools who are making similar statements in support of students planning to protest in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

Some high schools are allowing students to walk out while others are threatening punishment or a black mark on a student's record.

The UO tweeted Tuesday from their official Twitter account:

With a long tradition of standing for what we believe in, we are proud to support students who participate in peaceful walkouts for gun control.
This will not jeopardize your admissions process in any way.

The University of Oregon's enrollment period is over for this year, but the Vice President of Enrollment Management Roger Thompson says if a student is punished for the walkout and the student is worried it might affect their enrollment, they should call the Admissions Office.

"For students to become politically active in the way that the students in Florida have led, I think it's a great tribute to this generation," Thompson says. "If our students wish to support that, that is very understandable in my mind."

For students applying next year, Thompson says there's a section on the application to explain any disciplinary action relating to a walkout.

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