University of Oregon threatens legal action on political group for symbol use

The University of Oregon is asking OFIR to stop using the "O" symbol by May 18th. Photo by Ellen Meny.

EUGENE, Ore. - The University of Oregon is warming a political group to stop using their logo, and they're willing to go to court over it.

The group, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, or OFIR, is considered an anti-immigrant hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Members of the University of Oregon student group MEChA, a group for Chicanx students, alerted the University to the similarities between the University of Oregon "O" logo, and the OFIR "O" logo.

Carina Garcia, a University of Oregon student and member of MEChA, says students wrote a letter to the University, asking them to urge OFIR to stop using the logo.

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"We're all part of very diverse backgrounds, we come from immigrant families, and we really don't want our school to be associated with a group like OFIR," Garcia says.

Oregon's legal council sent a letter to OFIR, requesting that they stop using the logo by May 18.

If OFIR does not, the legal council writes that the University will take legal action against the organization.

Part of the letter from the University reads, "The University of Oregon neither supports your message, desires to be associated with your message, nor wishes to assist in your fundraising efforts".

KVAL News reached out to the president of the organization, Cynthia Kendoll, for comment. She says they are exploring their options regarding the legal matter and are not ready to comment.

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