Una Tribe continues to seek state recognition

EUGENE, Ore. - The Una Tribe describes itself as a "mixed-blood tribe" because its members are Native American mixed with other races. The group has been seeking official state recognition since January.

The tribe started six years ago, after being rejected by existing Native American tribes for not meeting the blood quantum requirements.

They presented a bill to the state legislature which did not pass in the most recent session. However, the group is getting some local support.

The tribe has already signed two treaties with another mixed-ethnicity tribe in Canada called the Mtis people.

"It created an open trade agreement between our two nations so they can send us stuff and we can send them stuff," said Una Tribe co-founder Richard Lake.

Lake said the tribe is not seeking benefits, just acknowledgment of their existence.

The group recruits through Craigslist. For more information, visit unatribe.org.

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