Trump vendors arrive to make money - and change minds

    Vendors selling Donald Trump merchandise. Photo by Ellen Meny

    EUGENE, Ore. - As Eugene prepared for Donald Trump's visit to the Lane County Fairgrounds, vendors set up on 13th Avenue, close to the fairground entrances.

    They hawked shirts, hats, buttons and more- all pro-Trump. All of the vendors we spoke with said they weren't just doing it for the money- they were supporting Donald Trump in his candidacy, and hoping they might be able to change the minds of some Lane County residents.

    Jasper Smith, a North Carolina native, travels the country for Trump. He follows the candidate to wherever he has a rally, and then sets up outside to sell his wares. He plans to vote for Trump if he is the Republican candidate.

    "He's a smart business man, he's sold businesses before they were even built," Smith said.

    Smith says he carries a wide variety of Trump merchandise in order to potentially attract new Trump supporters, and perhaps even change the mind of those who don't support Trump.

    "That's why we carry so many different designs. You know, try to get people looking at him and changing their minds. And they talk to us, and a lot of them that don't like him have done changed their minds," Smith said.


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