Truck emblazoned with swastika parked in heart of University of Oregon campus

Neo-Nazis momentarily caused a stir outside the EMU on the University of Oregon campus. According to a man in the crowd they were promoting a holocaust denial film. While some UO students engaged in debate with the two men, others shouted at them to "go home," and that they "didn't want them here." The two men soon drove away in their car to the applause of the crowd. Photo by August Frank, Oregon News Lab

VIEWER ADVISORY: Words on some signs seen in these photos might be offensive to some viewers

EUGENE, Ore. - University of Oregon Police observed a confrontation between apparent Neo-Nazis promoting a Holocaust denial film and members of the campus community on Thursday.

Officers did not engage the men, who parked a pickup truck emblazoned with a swastika in the heart of campus.

The truck was legally parked near Johnson Lane, between Johnson Hall and the Erb Memorial Union.

Some members of the Oregon campus community tried to debate the men, according to a photographer at the scene.

Others shouted for them to leave.

Other people stood between the groups in an apparent attempt to keep the peace.

Many people in the crowd applauded as they men drove away. Others raised their middle fingers.

Campus police said the men were acting within the legal bounds of free speech - and that one of the men played the bagpipes before leaving.

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