Voter registration deadline approaches for November special election

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Tuesday is the last day to register for the November special elections and this time around both Jackson and Josephine counties have just one measure each.

Jackson County Measure 15-171 effects only the Phoenix-Talent area as it asks for support on a $68 million bond to improve safety, accessibility and other components for school facilities.

Roughly 17,500 community members will have ballots will be mailed to them on Thursday.

"If you do get that ballot, you're a voter in the Phoenix-Talent School District, make sure and pull that voters pamphlet statement out of there. You can educate yourself that way, I'm sure the district will provide materials as the election moves on, and go from there," said Chris Walker, the Jackson County Clerk.

Josephine County will vote on whether or not to renew the city police and fire local option tax to have 24/7 emergency personnel response in Grants Pass.

To learn more about the Jackson County measure, click here and for Josephine County, click here.

Voting is allowed until 8p.m. on November 7th.

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