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Six tips for your daily commute in Icy Weather

Below freezing temperatures means more caution on the roads. 

EUGENE, Ore.- As December rolls on, below freezing temperatures might throw a twist on your daily commute now.

Experts advise to do the following to stay safe and keep other safe.

Icy Conditions Driving Tips:

  1. Don’t start driving until frost/ice is all clear from your windshield
  2. Give yourself 10-15 extra minutes to get to your destination
  3. Drive slowly, you could get a citation for going the speed limit when conditions are require a reduced speed
  4. Have sunglasses in the car for sunrises and sunsets
  5. Snow tires recommended, but not necessary
  6. Don’t panic if your car starts to skid

Brad Folsom for Lane County Driving School says the best thing to do if your car starts to skid is to stay calm.

“Let your foot off the gas. Let the tires re-grip the road, whatever the surface might be and use your gas very lightly. Don’t panic, don’t push the break really hard,” said Folsom.

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