Threat of violence left in bathroom at Roseburg High; student taken into custody

Roseburg High School (File/SBG photo)

ROSEBURG, Ore. - A student left a written threat of violence in a girls restroom at Roseburg High School, the district superintendent said Tuesday.

The student has been identified and taken into custody by law enforcement.

"This morning, April 10th at approximately 11 AM, a written threat that implied violence at a future date, was discovered in the girls’ restroom at Roseburg High School," Roseburg Public Schools Superintendent Gerry Washburn said in a written statement. "RHS administration and the school resource officer immediately began to investigate the incident utilizing district protocols. As a result of this investigation, by 12:30 pm school staff members were able to identify the student responsible for making the threat. The student was taken into custody by law enforcement. School staff will follow policy for future school disciplinary action. Staff will also work to ensure the student responsible is receiving needed supports and appropriate supervision."

The recent tragedies in our community and across our nation, have made all of us even more mindful of the need for vigilance. This incident provides us with some evidence and assurance that our protocols are working. We continue to ask parents to remind children and teens that making any kind of threat carries serious consequences.
The District also wants to commend Principal Weber and her staff for their quick and efficient resolution of this issue that continues to be all too common in our schools.
All of us at RPS continue to make student safety our top priority. Any further questions regarding this incident should be referred to the Superintendent’s office.
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