'This is not designed to try and catch people doing things'

    New 'guardian trailers' placed around downtown Eugene to help with public safety

    EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene Police Department is rolling out three mobile security cameras and stationing them downtown.

    They have heard residents concerns about safety downtown, and they now have some brand new tech to help turn things around.

    Three mobile cameras, called Guardian Trailers, will be around the downtown area doing just that, be guardians for the people below.

    Each trailer has three HD cameras, lights, speakers and sirens designed for officers to manage them remotely from a computer or tablet.

    Police can move the cameras, turn on flashing lights, sirens and even talk to those on the ground.

    While officers won't be watching the feeds daily, they will use footage to find a suspect if a crime unfolds.

    “This is not designed to try and catch people doing things, this is not designed to try and sneak up on people. This is designed for people to see these trailers, feel comfortable knowing that the Eugene Police Department is paying attention,” said Eugene Police Department Chief, Chris Skinner.

    Chief Skinner says the police trailers won't only be used downtown.

    "We will find other types of events that will really benefit from this, event security for instance, game day security for instance. We've got 2021 just around the corner, these are the types of pieces of equipment that are critical to creating a safe and secure environment.”

    For now, the trailers will be placed on the corners of 8th and Oak, Broadway and Olive and Broadway and Willamette.

    Chief Skinner says he hopes this is only the beginning with possibly more pieces of equipment being seen around the city in the future.

    The goal is to keep everyone safe whether it be with the help of an officer on the ground or through a screen.

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