Thieves caught on surveillance stealing trailer in Santa Clara

Trailer full of tools stolen from home in Santa Clara, leaving owner out of work. (SBG).

SANTA CLARA - A couple of thieves were caught in a surveillance video backing their car up to a man's trailer, and driving away with it.

The theft happened on Saturday morning in Santa Clara, and the homeowner says it was his son's work trailer. He is now out more than $15,000 after the thieves took the trailer with his work tools inside.

Instead of relaxing this weekend with Christmas just days away, the victim's father says he's working around the clock to re-gain the money he lost.

"It's devastating," said Dave Challburg, the victim's father. "You're trying to get ready for Christmas, but then somebody comes and steals your whole job. You know, takes his whole employment away. Plus, he has someone working with him that can't work now either."

Eugene Police are investigating the theft, and if you have any information on the incident, you are asked to contact them.

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