'They are an absolutely amazing animal': K-9 officers prove crucial in Cal Young lockdown

Police went door-to-door searching for suspects who ran after crashing a car into a curb with law enforcement in pursuit Monday. Eugene Police urged residents in the Cal Young area to lock their doors and report suspicious activity Monday night as law enforcement swarmed the area. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Residents in the Cal Young area are breathing a sigh of relief on Tuesday after police officers swarmed their neighborhood Monday evening, going door-to-door telling people to lock their doors.

Police say it all came to an end after two K-9 Officers tracked down two suspects who fled from a stolen car.

It was a dogged search for 25-year-old Jessica Blanton, and 42-year-old Roberto Martinez. Police say they fled from a reported stolen vehicle last night in the Cal Young area in Eugene.

The two heroes in the search were K-9 Flex and K-9 Falko.

"With the use of a K-9 and the assistance of the Eugene Police Department staff, we were able to search the area and we got the last guy, he was hiding underneath the house," said Sgt. Brian Humphreys, with the Springfield Police Department.

While they were searching for the suspects, a Good Samaritan tried to help, and ended up with an accidental bite from K-9 Flex.

"That creates confusion for the dog," said Sgt. Humphreys. "The two men, the suspect and the Good Samaritan went down onto the ground and were wrestling, and the dog came in and got the wrong guy."

Lt. Scott McKee says law enforcement always appreciates your help, but there are things to consider when doing so.

"They protect officers, they locate people that are hiding from us, they are a good deterrent to keep people from running to begin with," said Lt. McKee. "They are absolutely an amazing animal and they do an incredible job for the department."

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but these two K-9's have all the tricks in the book to catch criminals.

The Good Samaritan is back at home tonight after being taken to the hospital for bites to his arm and abdomen. Springfield Police tell us he is okay.

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