The new Wayward Lamb calls itself 'Eugene's Official Queer Pub'

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene's newest bar and event space, The Wayward Lamb, officially opened to the public Saturday. The bar held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday that opened with a bang and a blessing.

"I call upon the wise woman, the old crone. I call upon gods, goddesses. I call upon the great spirits. Be here with us," said the Sister Ophelia from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

On Friday night, with the blessings of Sister Ophelia, the Wayward Lamb was born.

"The energy inside this space, it's just magical right now," said Colin Graham, bar owner and operator.

Seven months ago, the bar was just an idea for Graham and his marketing manager John O'Malley.

I was looking for something that I wasn't finding in this town and I met a guy named John O'Malley who, it turns out, was looking for something similar," Graham said.

The bar and event space calls itself "Eugene's Official Queer Pub." It opened on Saturday morning to the fanfare of the Eugene LGBTQ community and beyond.

In fact, community is so important to Graham that he created the "Our Community" photo series to celebrate people who have helped the bar over the past seven months.

"Every single person on the wall in there in some way, big, small, or somewhere in between, contributed to what this place is," Graham said.

Graham expects Saturday will be a night of celebration for the Wayward Lamb.

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