'The excitement from the fight ... we think it caused his heart to stop'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Police said Sunday that they are still looking into what caused 41-year-old William McKnight to die Friday night after a dispute in the Bethel District.

On Sunday, McKnight's sister Melissa told our news staff how the family thinks her older brother passed away.

Melissa McKnight said that William's last request as he lay on the floor was for a glass of water.

"I brought him water, and that's when I saw the life leave my brother," Melissa said.

McKnight said she was at the house in the 2200 block of Roosevelt Boulevard when her brother got into an argument with another man. She said the man was known to stop by her brother's home on occasion.

"My brother was just trying to get him to leave because he was trying to clean up," said McKnight.

Witnesses said the fighting only lasted a couple of minutes, and directly afterward the man was seen riding away from the house on a bicycle.

By the time police and medical teams arrived to find William on the floor, his sister believes he had already passed away.

"On the day he died I guess he had an enlarged heart," Melissa said. "The excitement from the fight with the man who wouldn't leave our house ... we think it caused his heart to stop."

McKnight was known as Billy to his friends and family. To his sister, he was a kind friend who would help anyone.

"My brother was a really good man. He may have been wrapped up in the disease of addiction but he would have taken off his shirt for anybody that needed it," Melissa said.

Officials told Melissa it may take a few weeks to determine the exact cause of her brother's death.

In the mean time McKnight's family is trying to make arrangements for his funeral.

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