The Barn Light East opens new music venue

The Barn Light East. Photo by Ellen Meny

EUGENE, Ore.- Music lovers rejoice! Eugene is getting a new, intimate music venue for the dedicated listener.

The people who runThe Barn Light East, a local Eugene cafe, were inspired to create a venue with minimal background noise. The venue is connected to the Barn Light's cafe by wooden sliding doors and boasts customized acoustics to make sure the music is loud and clear.

Indie-folk duo LeMaster Abrams will be the first musical guest in the venue. The duo say their lyrics play a very important part in their music, so it can be challenging when they perform in loud locations.

"Sometimes you kind of get put in the corner at other venues; a lot of people talking. I would say our only complaint is that people come up to us and just say they wish they could have heard our lyrics a little better and this totally will help with that," Lori LeMaster, one half of the duo, said.

This venue was created for that reason: a place for dedicated listeners to fully appreciate the music being played.

"As opposed to other environments, in which it's sort of in the background, this is an opportunity where folks can grab a beverage, sit down, and really pay attention to the artists," said Thomas Pettus-Czar, one of the Barn Light's owners.

Pettus-Czar said he hopes the venue will be another way to promote the arts in Eugene.

"We're really trying to do whatever we can to support the arts and create awareness and give opportunities to folks who may have not had those and providing a space where they can share their work," Pettus-Czar said.

Pettus-Czar said he plans to invite more musicians to the venue soon.

LeMaster Abrams will perform the first show of their "Raw and Real" series on Friday at the Barn Light East from 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.

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