Tasty Tuesday: Kun Fusion Grill

Tasty Tuesday: Kun Fusion Grill

Kun Fusion Grill has two mottos:

  1. Burritos as big as your head.
  2. Come early, leave happy.

Shawn Werner, owner of Kun Fusion Grill, is spot on with both of those. I watched the Kun crew make a burrito, and it was both impressive and terrifying.

"We call it a burrito as big as your head because we make burritos as big as we possible make it. We're not measuring everything, we're going to pack it in, as full as we can get, and then we're going to try really hard to roll it up and get it out to ya," Shawn told me.

The other motto? It's true, too. Kun Fusion is a massively popular food truck. I would hazard to say it's the most frequented food truck in Eugene, period- and for a good reason. Kun Fusion Grill won Eugene's Favorite Food Truck at the Eugene Food Truck Fest 2016- but it doesn't stop there.

"It's really flattering, but it takes a lot of work, you have to be on your A-game to be number one," Shawn said.

Kun Fusion serves very addictive fusion food. There's fusion that calls itself fusion for kicks and giggles, and then there's legitimate fusion food. Kun Fusion is the latter.

"I grew up I L.A, so my diet really consisted of Korean food and Hispanic Mexican food," Shawn said.

That shines through menu items like the quesadilla, which is what I chowed down on. A large flour quesadilla, with Korean BBQ pork, melted jack cheese, their Kun Fusion sauce, salsa, cilantro and sesame seeds. It was delicious, but it was the little things that made it extra good- like the fact that Kun Fusion puts cheese not only on the inside of the quesadilla...but on the outside as well. The result? A cheesy, crunch quesadilla crunch. So. Good.

So it didn't surprise me when Shawn said they were ready to graduate to a restaurant. Bigger cooking space, bigger serving space, and more ways to serve their devoted "Kun Fusion stalkers".

"If we get a restaurant, we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves. There's menu items that people haven't seen yet, and when we get to that point...and that's our goal, we really want to get a restaurant, because we want to be open six or seven days a week," Shawn said. "You can't say no when you have so many people out there that love you and love you as a person and come just to see us."

Shawn says he's actively looking to make a restaurant happen. So, want to see it happen? You know where to go.

Kun Fusion Grill

Tuesday: 400 Country Club Rd (Pen Fed Credit Union) 11am-1:30pm

Wednesday: 44 7th Ave (HiFi Music Hall) 11am-1:30pm

Friday: 2880 Chad Dr. (Oregon Community Credit Union Corporate Office) 11am-2pm

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