Tasty Tuesday: Fri-Jos

KVAL Photographer Gary Sherman; Tasty Tuesday's Ellen Meny; KVAL Reporter Hannah Kintner...everyone loves Fri-Jos! Photo by Ellen Meny.

Humans have a long, rich tradition of loving fried carbs. The Fri-Jo is the epitome of this.

"It's yeast-raised, deep-fried, puffs up, put it in a cinnamon-sugar, served hot, $5.75, smell it and you'll buy it. There we go. That's the pitch."

That's Dottie Chase. She's been throwing Fri-Jos for 56 years, so she knows what she's talking about.

"i'm very proud," Dottie said, "Because I've said one thing I'm not going to do is sacrifice my quality for a dollar. And I never had."

Fri-Jos are fired in soybean oil, something Dottie insists upon. They're fried to a stunning golden brown- and then picked up, dumped in cinnamon sugar, and swirled around.

They're soft pieces of dough the size of your face. They're deep-fried, coated in sugar, and super popular.

"I am so happy that I have my fan club out there," Dottie said. "They return every year, they say they come to the fair only for a Fri-Jo, so that makes me happy."

But much like other mythical beings, you can only find Fri-Jos twice a year. At the Lane County Fair, and at the Junction City Scandinavian Festival.

And lucky for you, the Scandanavian Festival starts on August 11th and goes through the weekend!


Lane County Fair

Junction City Scandinavian Festival

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