Suspect leads deputies on chase, found dead in barn following shootout with police


A man was found dead inside a Clackamas County barn early Tuesday morning.

Deputies were searching for a suspect in a restraining order violation call around 11:30 p.m. The woman who alerted police told them the suspect "was heavily armed and wearing a helmet and vest" and was somewhere on the property off SE Ten Eyck Road.

A SWAT team was called for back-up, and after searching for several hours with no luck, the woman who called police was transported to safety.

Around 4:30 a.m., police made contact with the suspect while he was driving his work van. he led deputies on a chase, which eventually ended near Highway 212 and SE Church Road at his home.

Deputies say the suspect got out of the car, while wearing a helmet and vest, and started firing shots at the deputies, hitting their cars several times.

Deputies returned fire, and shortly after, the suspect was found dead behind the property.

It's unclear whether the suspect was shot and killed by deputies, or if he took his own life. The deputy involved has been placed on administrative leave.

Southeast 312th will be closed between Hwy. 212 and SE Church Rd. in Boring for several more hours as investigators process the crime scene -- please avoid the area.

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