Students film streets of Springfield to show crime

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- The Shakers Bar and Grill plans to feature nude dancers just 125 feet from a public school.

That sounded alarms at the Academy of Arts and Academics on Springfield's Main Street.

The controversy inspired two students to grab a camera.

The students uncovered what they say is rampant crime near another Springfield bar, crime they are afraid will move by their school if Shakers opens up nearby.

Simon Arnold and Dan Lopez are turning the Shakers debate into a class project.

"Our goal was to show what was going on in downtown Springfield, show how close it is to our school and how much of it is happening," Arnold said.

The two teens shot video from a pickup truck and from a second location near their school.

In one scene, a woman holds a blue, square package towards a man on the sidewalk.

"I'm sitting behind the camera at 5th and Main," Arnold said, "and the lady is flashing a condom."

"This project is exactly what this school is about," said Mike Fisher, lead teacher at the A3. "We really encourage kids to find things that they are really passionate about."

Arnold said their message is not against the strip bar or owner Jack Dugger.

It's location, location, location.

"We don't have a problem with them," Arnold said. "We just have a problem with the fact that they're going to be encroaching on the campus of the Academy of Arts and Academics."

Arnold said academy students have worked hard the past two years to build up a good reputation in downtown Springfield, and they don't want to see that jeopardized.

They hope to have a final project in the can by this fall.

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