Street safety becoming a priority in Springfield

    Street safety becoming a priority in Springfield

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Main Street in Springfield has consistently been on the list of the most unsafe streets in Oregon.

    "Worst 5% or worst 10% of similar highway urban materials in cities in Oregon consistently," said Tim Boyatt, the Interim Development and Public Works Director.

    The section they're looking to improve is 20th street through 72nd.

    "Of the pedestrian strikes and traffic crashes that have occurred have occurred east of 20th and that really is where the main focus of the issue exists," said Boyatt.

    Not only is this stretch unsafe for pedestrians and vehicles, but also for bicyclists and public transportation.

    ODOT is putting $3.9 million into safety fixes for the corridor.

    They've already set up a couple flashing crosswalks, but Jena Dominquez, who works at Thompsen's Market says most people don't stop, even when the lights are flashing.

    "I have a lot of kids that come to my store and they cross this road and it's almost an everyday occurrence all day long,"said Dominquez.

    The city is now asking the public to give their input about what they'd like to see fixed on main street.

    They set up a virtual open house where people can comment, a chance for those who navigate the corridor on a daily basis to provide insight on ways to make this stretch safer for everyone involved.

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