State police take person into custody after Tweets threaten violence against Oregon State

Tweets threatening violence at Oregon State University are under investigation, and law enforcement believes it has identified the person associated the accounts. (SBG)

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State Police took a person into custody after investigating tweets threatening violence at Oregon State University.

"Oregon State Police have in custody the individual believed to have made social media posts today, February, 27, 2018, threatening violence at Oregon State’s University’s Corvallis campus," Steve Clark, vice president of University Relations and Marketing, said in a statement. " OSU officials compliment Oregon State Police, OSU Department of Public Safety, and other law enforcement officials for their immediate action in this matter."

OSU issued an emergency notification Tuesday to students, faculty and staff urging them to report anything suspicious to (541) 737-7000, Clark said.

Oregon State Police, which provides campus policing for OSU in Corvallis, investigated the threats.

KVAL News located a Twitter account that made multiple references overnight to OSU and violence. Some tweets referenced other mass shooters. KVAL News has opted not to directly quote the tweets or identify the account at this time.

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