State Land Use Board affirms City of Eugene’s new urban growth boundary

(Image via City of Eugene)

EUGENE, Ore. -- On January 10, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) ruled on a challenge to Eugene’s new urban growth boundary (UGB) and affirmed the City’s position related to land for housing, the City said Friday.

State law requires UGBs to accommodate 20 years of growth, and Eugene is forecasted to add 34,000 people and 37,000 jobs by 2032.

In July, 2017, Eugene City Council took two separate actions related to the establishment of a new UGB. The first ordinance addressed land for employment, parks and schools including a UGB expansion to meet these needs; the second ordinance addressed land for housing and did not require a UGB expansion to meet our future housing needs. Last fall, the Home Builders Association filed a legal challenge to the second ordinance, related to housing.

The July City Council action followed seven years of community involvement and technical analysis. Taking action on the boundary fulfilled a state mandate to create a separate UGB from Springfield. It is also a crucial step in implementing Envision Eugene, the collective vision for how Eugene will grow over the next several decades, the City said.

The new UGB adds land for 3,000 jobs in the Bethel area, two community parks, and a future school, officials said. For more information on the proposal and the process leading up to it, visit

"With adoption of the UGB completed, City of Eugene Planning Staff can focus on other important community projects," the City said. "These projects include establishing a growth monitoring program, addressing Eugene’s needed housing standards, and urban reserve planning (planning for up to fifty years of growth)."

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