St. Vincent de Paul receives $2 million donation for homeless youth

IT Software company makes $2 million donation for homeless youth

LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Two million dollars have been donated to Saint Vincent de Paul in the largest donation that the organization has ever received.

The money was donated by a Eugene IT software company, CBT Nuggets, to fund a youth home for homeless teenage boys.

According to St. Vincent de Paul's Executive Director Terry McDonald, about 600 kids are experiencing homelessness today in this area.

"If you can image yourself being in high school, trying to keep your grades up and having now real place to call home, it's got to be difficult," said McDonald.

This is the first year that CBT Nuggets has partnered with St. Vinnies, who is currently working on a new facility for young girls in South Eugene. They hope that this new boy's facility will be modeled after the one currently being built.

"We are also providing our training to these kids, so if any one of them wants to learn skills in IT, we are giving them the opportunity to take that training and achieve different careers in the future, potentially in IT," said Shelly Gavin, with CBT Nuggets.

Ryan Lee, who is the Chief Operating Officer of CBT Nuggets says that the company's goal is to help the homeless youth here in Lane County have a better future.

"Our biggest goal as we look at things is we know there is about 86 percent drop out rate correlation here in Lane County," said Lee. " If we can change that, we can help them find jobs, we can help them really make an impact and change their lives."

CBT Nuggets and St. Vincent de Paul hope that this can be a model for future programs in combating homelessness.

This is the first time that CBT Nuggets has worked with a company in the U.S., and they also work with three non-profits in Africa.

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