St. Vincent de Paul kicks off Back to School Drive

St. Vincent de Paul launches back to school drive on August 7th, 2017. at Bi-Mart in Eugene , Ore.

EUGENE, Ore. -- St. Vincent de Paul kicked off its "Backpacks to Back to School" drive Monday by giving school supplies to a family in need.

The Sevignys are a family of four, with kids the ages 7 to 13. They're just one of many families St. Vincent de Paul is helping to get ready for school.

Getting a cool backpack was 7-year-old Elite Sevigny's favorite part of the day.

The Sevigny kids got to choose a backpack and fill it with all of the school supplies they will need for the upcoming year.

The children were able to get everything on their school list, from pencils and sharpeners to dividers.

St. Vincent de Paul is organizing the school drive to help low income families get ready for the upcoming school year.

"Paying rent and utilities, buying crayons and notebooks, isn’t quite ranked high enough. It's a big relief for them to know that their kids are taken care of and set up to succeed," said Ashely Hensley, community engagement coordinator for St. Vincent de Paul.

Katie and Schuyler Sevigny say they have struggled financially in recent months.

"Now they don’t have to worry about going to school without supplies," said Katie Sevigny.

St. Vincent has been doing the drive since 1999. Hensley says the drive is all thanks to the community.

"More than anything I think we are grateful living in a community that is incredibly generous,” said Hensley.

The Sevigny family is one of the largest families St. Vincent has been able to help.

"I was just happy to see them so excited, and see their faces light up as they were picking stuff out it was really humbling to me,” said Katie.

St. Vincent hopes to help 3,000 kids as they head back to school next month.

The backpack drive runs through August and ends Labor Day weekend.

You can donate supplies at your local Bi-Mart.

For more information and to find out what locations to visit, go to St. Vincent de Paul’s website.

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