Springfield residents who don't feel safe on Main Street share input with City

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SSPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Springfield residents say they don't feel safe on Main Street and the City of Springfield is listening.

They just launched a virtual open house on their website and are looking for input along with suggestions from people on what they want to see fixed.

According to the City, Main Street consistently makes the list as one of the most unsafe streets in Oregon.

They want to change that.

We're told the problem is on E. Main.

"The problems with pedestrians are out east of here, about two or three miles east,” explains Traffic Operations Engineer Eric Niemeyer. “The speeds start to increase and it opens up to a five-lane section - two eastbound, two westbound lanes, with a center turn lane."

We went out to Main Street and 35th and spoke with many residents who say they don't feel safe on this portion of the road.

But they did have some ideas on how they'd like to fix it.

"I think that the lights should be brighter and I think that they should patrol it more because it's just dangerous," said Jenna Dominguez, who works at Thompsen’s Market.

"So, if they put the stop lights instead like they have on Gateway, I think that would be much better," said Christina Billedeaux of Springfield.

The City has already put a couple flashing pedestrian crosswalks in that area.

People we spoke with say that has made them feel safer crossing the road.

To give your input, visit ourmainstreetspringfield.org.

The virtual open house started Wednesday and ends December 5.

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