'There's a cougar in the yard!' Police kill big cat seen stalking kids in backyard pool

    Police shot and killed the cougar, a decision supported by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The police in Springfield have shot and killed a cougar that was spotted near 30th and Olympic Street.

    Springfield Police say they initially responded around 1 p.m. on Tuesday, when a woman reported that a cougar had jumped up on a fence to peer into her backyard while her kids played in the pool.

    The initial cougar sighting set off a tracker dog which led police to a fir tree where the cougar had chosen to stay. The cougar was in the tree when a Springfield Police sniper shot it and it fell from the tree into some bushes below. After the fall, the cougar went to a nearby maple tree, where it was shot a second time and killed.

    Jerry Couturier, who made the initial call, says he and his friend were chatting when their neighbor started screaming that there was a cougar in his back yard.

    "First I was shocked, I mean I was like, 'What? A cougar?'" said Couturier. "And then, you know, my heart started beating. I'm like, there's a cougar in the yard!"

    Springfield Police enlisted a local houndsman to track the cougar. Soon after, the tracker dog found the cougar, which had climbed into the tree behind their home.

    Springfield Police say that this situation was alarming because each report had the cougar making its way closer to the city center. They say they also don't know if this cougar is the only one, or if there are more.

    They say that if you do see any signs of a cougar, to call them and report the sightings.

    Animal Control transported the cougar to Fish and Wildlife, where they will check the cougar for signs of health concerns.

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