Springfield Police ramp up patrol following Super Bowl

Springfield Police car. (SBG, AF)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Super Bowl Sunday is a day for celebrating both during and after the big game, which is why Springfield Police are ramping up their patrols for the night.

Officer Tom Speldrich says that officers will not only be on the lookout for more impaired drivers, but for increased disputes as well. He urges everyone to be smart, and help your friends think ahead before getting behind the wheel.

"Certainly, hopefully by this point you have a plan if you're going to be drinking tonight," said Officer Speldrich. "If you haven't, start on that right now if you plan on being somewhere drinking. The other thing, if you're not drinking, if you're not using any other drugs or medications or anything and you have the opportunity to give somebody a ride -- do that."

"A lot of people think that they can't be the one that is at fault for an accidental tragedy," said Officer Speldrich. "And just realize that an impaired driver may not be trying to hurt anybody. The fact is that once it happens, it's too late. We can't ever take it back."

Springfield Police say they prepared for Sunday just like they would for an Oregon Ducks game.

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