Springfield High School to get crisis training from CAHOOTS staff

Springfield High School to get crisis training from CAHOOTS staff

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Starting next school year, CAHOOTS will hold weekly clinics at Springfield's high schools, offering counseling, crisis response and other health services to students.

"Any sort of counseling resource referral, if youth are feeling sick they can come get their vitals checked, we can assist them in making a doctors appointment or getting signed up for health insurance," CAHOOTS School Outreach Liaison Ashley Barnhill-Hubbard said.

The clinics will be staffed by a crisis counselor and a medic for two hours, once a week, meeting students where they're at.

"Often times we like to say, 'Hey, go down the street and take a left and do this other thing and go to this one place.' Well that's really hard for a student to do especially if they're in crisis," Springfield High School Assistant Principal Calli Dean said.

And many students do find themselves in crisis.

CAHOOTS says a quarter of their calls in Springfield come from youth and families.

There were five adolescent suicides in Lane County this past school year, and the county's adolescent rates of depression and distress are higher than the state average.

Lane County Public Health data compiled last year shows 34 percent of 11th graders have depression, 20 percent have considered suicide and 9 percent have attempted suicide.

"It's so important for students to feel supported and feel that sense of the community especially in light of how rough of a year it's been already," Barnhill-Hubbard said.

The clinics will provide a constant presence, serve as a bridge to refer students to other resources and fill in the gaps if a student's regular doctor or therapist isn't available.

"The more we can bring people on to help support students the better the outcomes are gonna be not only as a country or as Lane County but just individual students," Dean said.

CAHOOTS will be at Springfield, Thurston, Gateways and A3 high schools once school starts back up.

They also operate in several Eugene 4J schools.

And students always have the opportunity to call the van if they need help outside of clinic hours at 541-726-3714 in Springfield and 541-682-5111 in Eugene.

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