Some Lane County residents receive 2 ballots after changing registration information

If you received two ballots in the mail after changing your address, the Lane County Elections clerk warns against submitting both ballots. You could be investigated for fraud. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. – One Eugene man has two ballots for this November election.

Kurt Peterson recently moved from Cheshire to Eugene, but he kept the same post office box.

Petersen said he moved a while ago, but forgot to change his voter registration. So he went into the Lane County Elections Office Tuesday, October 18 – the last day to register.

When he went to check his mail later, he found two different ballots.

Cheryl Betschart, the Lane County Elections Office clerk said Peterson’s first ballot was sent before October 18.

Then the second ballot was sent when Peterson updated his address.

Betschart said only the newer ballot will count his vote.

“We have to insert 245,000 ballots. Those aren't done in one evening. We start doing those well in advance of the mailing date,” Betschart said.

She said if a voter sends both ballots, then it will be noticed in the first step of the vote tallying process and his or her name will be sent to the secretary of state’s office for a possible fraud investigation.

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