Shots fired near UO Campus send one to the hospital

    Sheriff searching for man in downtown Creswell

    EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene Police Department has confirmed that there were gunshots fired at 17th and Ferry Street, near the University of Oregon Campus on Saturday morning.

    Shots were reportedly fired after a fight broke out at 17th and Ferry, where a car that was occupied was struck by a gun shot.

    A girl that was in the car was transported to the hospital after being struck with a bullet. She is reported to have non-life threatening injuries.

    Police have a suspect in custody, and say that there is currently no threat to the public at this time.

    "We don't have any information right now in regards to whether they are even the shooters," said Lt. Carolyn Mason, with the EPD. "They're just two individuals who matched the description, were in the same area and were armed with weapons. We're unsure at this point if there were more people involved, the different reports from the witnesses at the scene have varied."

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