Sheriff reminds public: Don't send nude photos of yourself to strangers

Jhaymesisviphotography / CC BY 2.0

NEWPORT, Ore. - If you don't know someone, don't send them nude photos of yourself.

That's the reminder from the Lincoln County, Oregon, Sheriff's Office.

"The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office has seen an increase in calls involving persons sending Facebook friend requests then using messenger to converse leading to the citizen sending nude photos," the sheriff's office said in a statement Thursday. "Immediately after the new Facebook friend sends the citizen a video of the act or photos and demands payment to keep it off the internet. The persons are using various Facebook accounts and names."

So be careful.

"This is a reminder," the sheriff's office noted, "if you do not know the person, be cautious when accepting them as a friend or engaging in conversations with them, you do not know their intentions."

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