Salem high schoolers deliver gifts to less fortunate elementary students

gifts for kids 1.jpg

SALEM, Ore. – High school students in Salem spent Thursday bringing gifts to less-fortunate elementary school kids.

For the past two decades, Sprague High School holds a toy drive to buy gifts for students at nearby Hoover Elementary.

Many of the kids who attend Hoover are from low income families, and may not have the same holiday celebration as others.

Sprague senior Rebecca Adams is involved in planning the project. She told us why giving back is so important.

“It just puts a smile on their face and it shows them that people care. And we give all of our attention to them and we spend our whole day with them,” Adams said. “It's just something they might not have had otherwise."

The high schoolers delivered gifts to each one of the 440 Hoover students.

They also spent the day hanging out with the kids and doing arts and crafts.

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