Rescuers use low tide to help rescue man near Depoe Bay

Rescuers move a man suffering from a medical condition toward a waiting U.S. Coast Guard helicopter at Big Whale Cove near Depoe Bay, Oregon on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018. (Photo: Depoe Bay Fire District)

Mother Nature helped in the rescue of a 19-year-old man suffering from some kind of medical issue Tuesday.

Firefighters were called just before 4 p.m. to Big Whale Cove, which is just south of Depoe Bay.

They got the man stabilized and decided the best way to get him to safety was by helicopter.

They called in a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter stationed in Newport.

Because it was low tide, the helicopter was able to land on a reef that would have normally been underwater.

Rescuers loaded the man onto the helicopter, which flew him to the hospital for assessment.

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