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Replica of 'Further' bus makes appearance at Kesey Square

Kesey Square - November 5, 2015 (4).jpg
Kesey Square - November 5, 2015 (4).jpg
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Earlier this week we reported on a group of developers that want to buy Kesey Square and put an apartment building on the lot.

As of now, the city has not indicated they are going to sell the property.

Meanwhile, others have taken to Kesey Square to celebrate the late Ken Kesey's legacy.

The famed replica of the bus 'Furthur' rolled up to the plaza Thursday, with pranksters flooding out from all sides.

Dressed in colorful garb, Kesey family, friends and fans hopped off for a few quick photo ops.

They didn't stay long one bus passenger and Ken Kesey's son, Zane, shared thoughts about the possibility of the statue being moved.

"Just because this is an open space where people can gather we just need to find people who can gather around it responsibly and respect the neighborhood with it," said bus passenger Michael Roberts.

"As long as it's someplace," added Zane Kesey, "someplace where the people can enjoy it and it's open to the public and its respected; I'm good with it."

Zane says they were not there to talk about the statue, however; they were there to promote the 50th anniversary of the 'Acid Tests.'

The Acid Tests were a series of parties thrown by Ken Kesey in the mid-60s which revolved around the drug LSD.

Friday night at 7 p.m., Cozmic Pizza will be hosting a party to commemorate the anniversary -- without the psychedelic drugs.

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