Rep. Hayden calls on fellow Oregon GOP lawmaker Sen. Kruse to step down

Reporter Chris Liedle visited Sen. Jeff Kruse's office on Wednesday and found the entry blockaded by chairs. (SBG)

SALEM, Ore. - A Republican state representative whose district overlaps with state Sen. Jeff Kruse has called on his fellow GOP lawmaker to step down in the wake of an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment at the Capitol.

“It’s clear after reading the investigative report that Senator Kruse can no longer be an effective leader for his district, and for rural Oregon,” Rep. Cedric Hayden said in a statement. “The people of his district, and Roseburg, a community we both represent, are being shortchanged. Moreover, women in our Capitol – lawmakers, advocates, and the visiting public - need to know that the elected leaders in our state will not tolerate an environment where their safety is at risk.”

Hayden said Kruse should step down and allow another community leader to take his place in Salem.

“It’s discouraging to see news reports that Senator Kruse is digging in on this issue,” Hayden said. “I appreciate that the report acknowledged Senator Kruse’s good work on public policy, but that shouldn’t be a factor in the decision to remove him from office.”

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