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Recreational marijuana edibles now legal to buy

Recreational edibles available to Oregonians starting June 2nd. Photo by Ellen Meny.
Recreational edibles available to Oregonians starting June 2nd. Photo by Ellen Meny.
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EUGENE, Ore. - Effective June 2, Oregonians over 21 years of age can buy marijuana edibles and concentrates at medical marijuana dispensaries - even if the buyer doesn't have a medical card.

Dispensaries are gearing up for more sales - and potentially more customers.

"We've just been stocking up, and hoping that we have enough inventory to last us through today, at least," Lenia Donell at the Highway 99 Cannabis Company said.

The Oregon Health Authority says recreational edibles contain up to 15 milligrams of THC per package. They say while users quickly feel the effects of smoking marijuana, marijuana edibles take anywhere from 90 minute to four hours to take full effect.

That's why the Oregon Health Authority suggests starting "low and slow" with dosage.

Taryn Heyler, manager at the Cannabliss and Co Sorority House, agrees.

"It doesn't matter how big or small you are, everybody it affects them differently," Heyler said. " I think there's going to be a lot of people coming through and word of mouth and wanting to try things and get to experience it."

However, the Oregon Health Authority says one group of people who shouldn't experience it are children. They say eating marijuana edibles can affect children negatively.

The OHA says if your child does eat or drink marijuana products, call the Poison Center Hotline at 1-800-222-1222 as soon as possible.

But Andrew Ourso, Manager of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, says there's an easy way to keep kids safe.

"We just want people to be aware that they should keep marijuana and products locked up and out of reach of children," Ourso said.

Ourso says to treat marijuana products like prescription medication- don't leave it out on the counter or out in the open.

When buying marijuana products, you might notice a small symbol of a marijuana leaf with an exclamation point next to it. That's a universal symbol that appears on all marijuana products- so when buying a brownie or gummy, buyers know what they're purchasing and consuming has THC in it.

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