Rat infestation problem growing in Eugene

Mayor Vinis addresses growing rat problem in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - A number of complaints of rats near Friendly Street in Eugene have been received, according to Lucy Vinis, the mayor of Eugene.

She says residents in the area have been seeing a large number of rats, spotting them in their yards and even hearing them in their houses.

Mayor Vinis says the city has a number of ways they're dealing with the rats now, including trapping, poisoning only in the sewers, and through collaboration with the neighborhood. According to the city's Public Works Department, the number of rat complaints in the city has doubled since last year.

"Our concern would be them going to the bathroom, that might be something you'd see with them chewing on products," said Brett Sliger, store manager at The Healthy Pet. "Our concern more than anything would be them going to the bathroom anywhere near the food. You'd want to get rid of that immediately and buy a new bag."

May Vinis says the city will have a more in-depth work session in the new year, but it has not been scheduled yet. She says for now, if you do have an issue, call the Public Works number so they are able to investigate the situation.

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