Property linked to Whole Foods on City Council agenda Monday

EUGENE, Ore. - A proposal to give up two alley rights-of-way to clear the way for redevelopment of a downtown block is set for a vote Monday night at a City Council work session.

Grocery chain Whole Foods has been mentioned as a possible tenant in discussions with the mayor, city staff confirmed earlier this year.

As it stands, Broadway and Pearl Associates LLC has asked the city to give up its interest in the alleys to provide more flexibility with redevelopment of the land on the east edge of downtown.

"The concept calls for the replacement of the two existing buildings and disjointed surface parking lots with a consolidated development concept for the entire block," according to the staff report. "While this plan is conceptual in nature, it attempts to demonstrate how this site is likely to be redeveloped and how vacation of the current alleys is necessary in order to accommodate redevelopment options similar to the applicant's illustration."

The owner of the property has proposed to maintain a utility easement elsewhere on the property.

The Council work session at 5:30 p.m. includes an agenda item calling for action on a proposed ordinance to vacate the alleys.

City staff reports "vacation of these alleys will provide efficient use of land and will
not negatively impact the transportation system, surrounding neighborhoods or emergency access. The requested vacation of the alleys is also in the public interest because it would enhance future development opportunities of the adjacent lands through the consolidation of the site."

A summary of public comment on the proposal lists 30 responses: 26 in favor, 4 against.

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