Potential oil spill in McKenzie River; nature of spill unknown

Crews are currently on-scene at a potential oil spill in the McKenzie River in Springfield, approximately a mile from Riverbend Hospital. (SBG).

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Several agencies are investigating what appears to be an oil sheen on the surface of the McKenzie River.

Eugene and Springfield Fire says they received several calls regarding the oil sheen on Tuesday afternoon. They say that when the Hazardous Materials Team responded to the incident, they detected a petroleum-based product in the water.

However, officials say they're still identifying the source of the product and the type of product that was spilled.

Officials say they believe the ongoing spill has been slowed down to the point where it's not continuing to enter the river.

Because of the nature of the spill, the department is working with state regulatory agencies, along with local partners.

"At this point, I really can't speak to the environmental impact," said Battalion Chief, Jeff Kronser. "That's work that will be ongoing as we continue to identify what the source and material was."

Kronser says the team will continue to work through the evening until they can identify the source and ensure the spill will not further contaminate the river.

DEVELOPING STORY | Will update as more information is made available.

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