Portland students plan school walkout over gun violence

Laurelhurst School - KATU photo

Local students will take part in a national student walkout Wednesday to call for gun control after a Florida high school shooting where 17 students were killed.

Laurelhurst Elementary eighth graders are organizing the school-wide walk out at the K through eight school.

"Everyone who's walking out will have a different opinion. I think the walk out, if nothing, will create change. Obviously something is wrong," said Lucy Glassberg, an eigth grader at Laurelhurst Elementary.

Lucy is helping to organize the walkout with her classmates.

"I feel like we're going to be making a change," she said.

Student will walkout at 9:43 a.m. together, then spend time working on chalk art, Lucy said. Kindergarten through fifth grade students will return to class and students will take part in a 17-minute moment of silence.

Many other schools across the country plan to hold a 17-minute moment of silence to remember the high school students that were killed in the shooting.

"17 children died and most of them were around our age," she said.

Over the weekend, Lucy started to write her speech . She'll give the speech in front of her fellow students. The teen will be talking about gun control and mental health.

"She's learning all of this with us. I don't know how to explain it at all actually," said Kathryn Glassberg, Lucy's mother.

Portland Public Schools told KATU News they support students in the walkout and said they are making extra preparations to ensure students are safe.

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