Police: Protect your home & property after the holidays

 (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene Police Department is reminding citizens to protecting their home and property after the holidays.

"Crime Prevention doesn’t stop after the holidays!" EPD says. "Thieves are always looking for opportunities and it is important to practice proper security around your living area at all times."

Below are some tips from the department:

• Be sure to break down all discarded cardboard. Boxes that contained electronics such as TV’s and other expensive gifts sends an inviting message to thieves when left out in the open.

• Be sure to shred the numerous receipts, shipping labels/documents and other paperwork that contain personal information.

• Be careful who you share information with regarding travel plans and gifts you received, especially in an online, public forum.

• Be sure to store and secure new gifts appropriately. Lock bikes in the garage, store jewelry in the safe, and ensure valuables are not visible through windows.

• Be sure to take a moment to document your serialized property.

• The New Year is an excellent time to think about home security and the crime prevention unit offers free home security inspections. Visit the Protect Your Home page for more information.

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